Chalice Holistic Therapies Glastonbury, Somerset, UK-Chalice Holistic Therapies

Chalice Holistic Therapies Glastonbury, Somerset, UK-Chalice Holistic Therapies

Chalice Holistic Therapies

Mobile Holistic Therapy Service Covering Somerset, UK With Over 20 Years Experience

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Holistic Therapies & Creams Hand Made from Chalice Well Spring Waters, Glastonbury, Somerset, England Providing Aromatherapy, Sports Massage Remedial, Therapeutic Massage,

Reiki Healing, Indian Head Massage, Lymphatic Massage &

Hopi Ear Candles 


Aromatherapy is a very gentle therapy, which uses pure plant oils, specifically blended to treat each client

Physically and psychologically.

A consultation is given before the treatment, to decide what oils are best to use.

The oils are then blended and applied to the body, in a massage treatment, which is very gentle and relaxing.

Benefits include:

Relieves stress/tension & anxiety

Stimulates senses

Includes deep relaxation

Eases stiff muscles/aches & Improves circulation

Sports Massage 

Sports massage is a very pleasant therapy that uses stroking, kneading and other techniques to manipulate

The soft tissues of the body. Remedial massage focuses on certain areas and muscles; using deep tissue techniques,

Exercise and stretching, flexibility and condition of the body is improved. Therapeutic/Remedial has many benefits, Relieves Tension, Improves Flexibility, Improves Circulation, Detoxifies Body & Nurturing benefits of touch Keeps skin supple/toned

Indian Head Message

This treatment is done seated in a chair. The upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, head and face

Are massaged. A great treatment for stress/tension, tight and aching muscles. A deep state of

Relaxation is achieved; bringing peace to mind and body.

Hopi Ear Candles

Hopi ear candles are great for congestion in the
ear, nose, throat & head. Great for sinus problems, earache, head-ache, stress and nervousness. This is a very relaxing treatment; using cotton, beeswax hollow candles, which once lit provide gentle suction and heat, which draws impurities and decongests. The treatment also includes drainage massage of the neck, head and shoulders, which aids the unblocking of the


Lymphatic Massage
Is a gentle, slow, relaxing, treatment which focuses on detoxing 
the body and improving water retention 
Gentle strokes and pumping techniques are used to drain fluid and waste from the body.

Bespoke healing service offered by

Tara Whitton


With reassurance as a fully Qualified &

Insured Practitioner

ITEC/VTCT ”Qualified" and is also a member of Complimentary Holistic Association.

All treatments are available to suit individual needs. A full consultation is given with each treatment, and any home care advice which is needed.



Holistic Care Somerset Therapy Sessions
Being a mobile therapist gives you the advantages of receiving holistic treatments in and around Somerset, UK
From the moment you book, a bespoke treatment is tailor made for you, including the luxury of arrival at any given venue within the county of Somerset, with a relaible service that gives you peace of mind.